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Armenian-Turkish business conference kicks off in Yerevan


Armenian-Turkish business conference kicks off in Yerevan Yerevan/Mediamax/. The forth Armenian-Turkish business conference kicked off in Yerevan today. Over 50 Turkish businessmen attend the conference, organized within the framework of “Assistance to the improvement of Armenian-Turkish relations” program of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia (UMB(E)A). The conference will focus on the current stage of Armenian-Turkish business relations, prospects and cooperation. “Businessmen from Eastern Anatolia and Western Armenia participate in this conference. The development of relations with the businessmen of the neighboring country has a vital significance for them. They are our soldiers in the program for opening the borders and improving relations,” the head of (UMB(E)A) Arsen Ghazaryan said. “We hope that during these meetings we will better study the Armenian market, find ways to create conditions for the trade turnover between Armenian and Turkish markets as well as for the future development of trade and economic relations between two countries,” the President of Van Young Businessmen’s Association, Qadri Salaz, said. According to Arsen Ghazaryan, the annual turnover of goods imported to Armenia from Turkey ranges from $150 to $200 million. The annual volume of Armenian goods exported to Turkey with no Armenian certificate of origin makes $10-20 million. 06.10.2012

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