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The Caucasus seeks peace for its North and South

The Caucasus remains on the world's agenda as conflicts continue in the northern and southern areas of the region. Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit's recent trip to Moscow had been an opportunity to discuss with the Russian Federation -- which still holds the key to peace in the region -- the various conflicts that are boiling throughout the Caucasus. Moreover, the timing of the visit was noteworthy. With regar ...

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Kaan Soyak, the leader of a delegation of Turkish businessmen visiting Yerevan called Armenia the most suitable transportation junction for international commerce linking Europe, Turkey and Central Asia. The Turkish visitor urged closer ties between entrepreneurs of both countries, particularly to develop markets in the new republics of the former Soviet Union. In a meeting with Acting Foreign Minister Vart ...

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After Hitch, Turkey and Armenia Normalize Ties

ZURICH — Turkey and Armenia signed a historic agreement to establish normal diplomatic relations and reopen their borders on Saturday, after a last-minute dispute over wording sent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other diplomats into frantic efforts to salvage the deal. For Turkey and Armenia, neighbors sundered by a century of bitterness over the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks, th ...

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Barroso Türk-Ermeni diyaloğu gerçek olsun

  AB Komisyonu Başkanı Jose Manuel Barroso, çok önemli bulduğu Ermenistan ziyareti nedeniyle Cumhurbaşkanı Abdullah Gül’ü kutladığını anlatarak bunun gerçek bir diyaloğun başlangıcı olmasını umduğunu söyledi. BRÜKSEL - Ermenistan Cumhurbaşkanı Serj Sarkisyan’ı kabul eden Barroso, görüşmenin ardından düzenlenen basın toplantısında, “Cumhurbaşkanı Gül’ün ziyareti çok önemli bir insiyatifti. New York’ta B ...

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