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My visit to Armenia was great risk, Abdullah Gul says

President of Turkey Abdullah Gul visited Stanford University within the framework of his visit to the United States.

In his speech on leadership, Gul mentioned about his visit to Armenia.


He noted that sometimes a good leader must take risks and his own risk in foreign relations came especially when he visited Yerevan upon the invitation of the Armenian President to watch Armenia-Turkey football match.


“But it was much more than that for the leaders of two neighboring nations that had not had diplomatic relations for nearly two decades and that had profound disagreements about our shared history,” he said, adding that it was a risky move for domestic political considerations, and it might have been very risky for foreign policy implications as well.


“I went to Yerevan, marking the first-ever visit of a Turkish President to Armenia. The reward I was expecting from this gesture was a mending of fences between our two nations. I still pursue this hope. Our mutual Presidential visits will continue to be a symbol of hope for the normalization of Turkish and Armenian relations. Risky as it was, I did the right thing by visiting Yerevan,” he said.



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